I’m a Writer and Director based in Los Angeles, California.

Have you ever finished a really good film and come away with an oceanic feeling – as if all the questions you didn’t have answers to dissolved away – and – for just a little while –  the world seemed to makes sense?

That’s one of my favorite feelings, but I’ve never managed to hold onto it.

So I figured that if I could make something like that of my own, I might be able to catch that feeling in a jar.

In the meantime, I studied film and screenwriting at the University of Michigan, accumulated over 25 million views on Youtube, shot some things I’m proud of, and won a 2014 Webby Award.

I like honest vulnerability, wideshots that make your heartache, and unreliable narrators that push a film into the surreal.

I’d love to talk about your next music video, short film or abstract art piece.

So if you think you want to work together – or just say hey – shoot me an email. Maybe we can finally figure it all out.